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Hospice and home health regulatory updates, market trends, and after-hours triage strategies.

  • Over five months, utilizing the improved protocols, education, ongoing tracking, and monthly meetings with IntellaTriage, Coastal Hospice realized over 40% reduction of after-hours medication call volume.

  • Internal after hours triage best practices with medical professional smiling.

    Regardless of how your agency operates your internal after-hours triage, appropriately managing these calls requires skills that differ from bedside nursing. Consider these best practices if your agency manages your after-hours call internally. 

  • Understanding the different options for after-hours care models and choosing the model that best fits your agency's goals can significantly impact overall patient satisfaction, nurse burnout, and your bottom line.

  • How to staff after-hours thought leadership event with two people holding hands in the background.

    "We started looking at a triage outsourcing company and then talked to our staff nurses: "What would you think if we did this?" There was a resounding: Oh wow, you mean I can sleep at night?!"

    May 5, 2022|After-Hours Care|
  • nurse burnout and patient safety

    Average Daily Census: 151 (at time of publication) Location: Bryan, Texas "Currently, our satisfaction scores for evenings and weekends are around 85%. When you look at the national data and the scores of our competitors in our market, we exceed both." - Martha Mozier, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Challenge Hospice Brazos Valley initially started addressing [...]

    March 11, 2022|Case Studies|
  • nurse staffing ratios and patient outcomes

    Earlier this month, we discussed the impact of short-staffing shifts for healthcare workers. Splitting more patients between fewer nurses results in exhaustion, job dissatisfaction, and frustration: all the ingredients for premature career burnout. However, this isn’t the only consequence of having fewer nurses on the floor. These short-staffed shifts also jeopardize the health and safety [...]

  • patient-nurse ratio

    Research shows that wages and benefits account for 56% of U.S. hospital costs – this far exceeds the other categories of expenditure, which include professional fees (11.9%), prescription drugs (6.7%), utilities (1.8%), liability insurance (1.2%), and other line items (22.4%). Since staffing is such a major expense, many healthcare organizations have begun to hire fewer nurses [...]

    December 13, 2021|Nurse Burnout & Retention|
  • nurse burnout and patient safety

    On the IntellaTriage blog, we’ve explained exactly how detrimental nurse burnout can be to your organization and your team. When staff members are pushed to the limit, they begin to feel stressed, anxious, and fatigued. This often results in issues with nurse retention and recruitment, with the average cost of turnover per employee reaching up to $58,400. Today, we’d [...]

  • compassion fatigue nursing burnout

    We’ve previously discussed the impact that burnout can have on men and women in the health care field. Today, we want to talk about a principal factor behind that stress and exhaustion: compassion fatigue. What is this phenomenon, and how can employers protect their staff from nursing burnout? Emotional Exhaustion in the Nursing Profession The health care [...]

    November 3, 2021|Nurse Burnout & Retention|
  • causes of stress in nursing

    Burnout can happen in any profession. The healthcare industry has experienced some especially difficult challenges, particularly in the past two years, that have affected individuals in adverse ways. There are many causes of stress in nursing, as well as somewhat startling healthcare burnout statistics. What Causes Stress and Burnout? Burnout is a specific type of [...]

    October 29, 2021|Nurse Burnout & Retention|
  • Two medical professions walk up stairs, talking to each other.

    Nurse-based phone triage is an emerging approach that is designed to improve nurse efficiency, reduce staff burnout and increase patient satisfaction. With this updated model, after-hours calls are always answered by a hospice-trained registered nurse, giving caregivers access to the support they need, when they need it. Here we’ll cover some commonly asked questions around [...]

  • preventing nurse burnout

    Nurses are under a tremendous amount of stress. They face challenges every day, as they take care of patients, juggle schedules, and work to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. Effective nurse retention strategies can help in preventing nurse burnout and reducing the staff turnover rate. Turnover is Costly The average financial cost of turnover for [...]

    October 15, 2021|Nurse Burnout & Retention|