Triage Services for Hospice + Home Health

IntellaTriage provides after-hours, nurse-based triage services for hospice, home health, and palliative care patients. Our 24/7 service will improve your patient’s experience and reduce staff burnout.

Triage Services for Hospice + Home Health

Our nurse-based triage services for hospice and home health improve company efficiency and patient outcomes. At IntellaTriage, we offer appropriate triage and customized workflows to home healthcare and hospice agencies nationwide.

Nurse leans into the patient as the patient shows them their cellphone.
Improve Patient Experience

After-hours care shouldn’t be an afterthought. With IntellaTriage, callers aren’t shuffled through phone menus or put on hold. Your patients will be connected with a licensed nurse specifically trained in your hospice and home care protocols – typically in under one minute. Our tailored approach meshes seamlessly with your systems, meaning that your customers will receive quality care 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Two nurses, one sitting looking at the other, who is sitting with her head in her hand.
Reduce Burnout

After-hours calls contribute to nurse burnout more than almost any other stressor. We’ve found that when nurses are able to focus on each patient in the home – without being interrupted by constant incoming calls – they report a higher rate of job satisfaction. For this reason, IntellaTriage’s team of licensed nurses will handle all but the highest acuity calls; we are your first line of defense against administrative or low acuity calls, day or night.

An elderly man sits, leaning on his cane, as a nurse holds out a cellphone, showing him something on it.
Save Money

Working with IntellaTriage can save you money on a short- and long-term basis. You will no longer need to hire additional staff to manage after-hours nurse triage calls. Additionally, partnering with us can help reduce staff burnout and turnover, decrease training costs, and lower administrative costs across the board.

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Capture Referrals

Referrals are the life of all hospice and home health agencies. Because our average wait time is just 38 seconds, we can ensure that each referral is properly recorded and sent to your intake team as soon as possible. This sets you up for quick patient acquisition and an impressive response time.

How Does It Work?

IntellaTriage’s after-hours nurse triage services are available to all hospice and home health providers. Through our team of licensed nurses, your patients will receive the highest quality of care on nights, weekends, and holidays. Here’s how it works.

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Nurses trained in Hospice and Home Health

We understand the nuances of hospice and home health care. IntellaTriage hires experienced licensed nurses, and only those trained in hospice and home care will be assigned to your after-hours nurse triage calls. Our average experience level for nurses is over 20 years, ensuring that our team members understand the experience of the field team and will provide exceptional customer service.

Customized “Work of the Call”

Standard answering services take messages and forward those messages to nurses. At IntellaTriage, our team of licensed nurses can refill medications, order DME and supplies, capture referrals, and escalate to an on-call nurse when needed. We customize our workflow to fit your needs, ensuring that your patients see no difference between business hours and after-hours care.

A nurse sits at a desk, talking on a corded phone, as she looks at her computer screen.
Table screen displaying EMR Electronic Medical Record across the top as it sits on medical files.

EMR Documentation

We thoroughly document the events of each and every call directly in your EMR. This guarantees that the most updated information is available for review immediately upon call completion, closing communication gaps and ensuring a seamless transition of care from our after-hours nurse triage to your in-office services.

Leaders in Home Care Triage

It is our goal to provide comprehensive triage services to your patients at any hour of the day. Informed by your protocols, IntellaTriage’s licensed nurses act as an extension of your services, ensuring high-quality, individualized care. To learn more about our triage services for hospice and home health services, please contact us today.

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