Who We Are

At IntellaTriage, we offer nurse-first triage and customized workflows to home healthcare and hospice agencies nationwide. Our solutions provide appropriate triage at all hours for hospice and home health organizations, to improve company efficiency and patient outcomes. Our mission is simple: To improve the lives of nurses and patients.

Our History

Founded in 2008, IntellaTriage has experienced exponential growth. Here’s a timeline of our history, from our humble beginnings to today.

A group of nurses sit around a table.


IntellaTriage was founded after a poor personal experience with after-hours hospice care.  As caregiver for an elderly grandparent while still juggling her career and family, Suzi Meschbach did not have a “normal” schedule and oftentimes had questions or needed assistance during after-hours.  Through her experience communicating with non-clinical answering services or nurses who didn’t have the patient record readily accessible, Suzi came up with an idea to deliver prompt, quality after-hours care with trained nurses who could access the full patient record.


In late 2008, IntellaTriage officially launched and started providing service to our first customer: one small hospice agency.

A nurse talks on a headset while looking at their laptop.

Service-Market Fit

From 2008 to 2015, we tested several different models for after-hours care to determine the best fit for patients, nurses, and management. This research allowed us to find the ideal solution in the hospice and home health market.  During this period, IntellaTriage also expanded into new segments of the market – testing unique service models for health plans and provider groups.


From 2015 to 2019, IntellaTriage entered a time of rapid expansion as we perfected our different solutions and continued to deliver excellent service to our customers and their patients. During this period, CMS clarified its approval for the use of external after-hours services in hospice and home health service models.

A nurse leans back in a desk chair as she talks on a mobile phone, with one hand on a laptop keyboard.
Medical provider types on a laptop with a holographic image of various file types hovers above it.

IntellaTriage Innovation

Today, IntellaTriage continues to add best-in-class analytics and increase interoperability, including the launch of its proprietary platform, IntellaHub.  IntellaHub is an interactive platform that enables better care team communication, accurate documentation directly in patient medical records, and groundbreaking data collection and benchmark reporting. Its AI-powered tools are customized according to agency protocols to guide IntellaTriage’s licensed nurses through the most appropriate triage based on time of day, day of week, and provider clinical directives.

Meet Our Team

The InteallTriage team is your partner in efficient and enhanced patient care.

  • Daniel Reese

    Daniel Reese

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • Tony Schulte

    Tony Schulte

    Chief Operating Officer
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  • Rob Queener

    Rob Queener

    Vice President of Business Transformation
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  • Gio Pagano

    Gio Pagano

    Senior Vice President of Sales
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  • Bernadette Smith

    Bernadette Smith

    Vice President of Marketing
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  • Jordan Stroupe

    Jordan Stroupe

    VP of Finance and Strategy
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  • Liam Barry

    Liam Barry

    VP of Technology
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  • Carla Winslett, RN

    Carla Winslett, RN

    Director of Clinical Operations
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  • Janelle Sutter, RN

    Janelle Sutter, RN

    Director of Quality Assurance and Customer Success
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Board Members

Coley Andrews – Managing Member at Pacific Lake Partners

Jay Davis – Co-Founder at The Nashton Group

Kent Weaver – Chairman at Progressive Home Care

Chris Hendriksen (observer) – Former CEO at VRI

Your Partner in Care

At IntellaTriage, we’ve assembled a carefully selected team with the goal of providing world-class care. Our years of experience have made us the best in the industry. To learn more about our company or services, please contact us  today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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