Nurse Advice Lines for Health Plans

Insurers and health plans can benefit from nurse advice line services to minimize member cost. Provide instant, comprehensive care for your population by partnering with IntellaTriage.

Triage Services for Health Plans

At IntellaTriage we know the goal of any health plan is to ensure your members receive the most appropriate level of care at the right time. Our services allow your members to avoid unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits by speaking to a licensed nurse when they need help.

A nurse sits on a couch with a patient as he takes their blood pressure.
Improve Patient Experience

With IntellaTriage, your patients will speak with a licensed nurse quickly – on average, our calls are answered in under one minute. We can address up to 80% of all concerns over the phone, meaning that your patients receive the appropriate treatment and medical advice at the right time, day or night.

Medical provider seen at the end of a hallway pushing a gurney.
Reduce Unnecessary ER Visits

Reducing unnecessary costs for members is the top priority of health plans. We help you accomplish this by ensuring that your patient receives the proper level of care, no matter what time it is. Instead of heading to the ER with no information in hopes of a diagnosis, your patients can speak with a licensed nurse 24 hours per day. At IntellaTriage, we have found that up to 90% of ER visits are unnecessary and can be resolved by speaking with a telephone triage nurse.

Healthcare worker types on a laptop keyboard.
Capture Office Visit Revenue

Uncover direct cost savings by outsourcing your call center function. Health plans save $150,000 annually by switching to IntellaTriage from a self-staffed call center. Make the switch and save yourself (and your customers) money.

How Does It Work?

IntellaTriage’s nurse advice line service will enhance your members’ health and satisfaction. Our licensed nurses triage every call according to the gold standard in telephone triage, Schmitt-Thompson protocols. Here’s how it works.

Talking on a corded phone, a nurse smiles as she chats with a patient.

Nurse Only Triage Services

We don’t run your customers through frustrating robot menus, transfers, or callbacks. Within one minute, they will speak with one of our highly trained licensed nurses, ensuring they receive the advice they need.

Schmitt-Thompson Protocols

We base our care on the gold standard for health plan telephone triage. Using the Schmitt-Thompson protocols ensures that your patients receive the most up-to-date and appropriate care.

Healthcare worker talks on a corded phone as they review patient charts.
Medical professional holds out two pieces of paper with their monitor screen showing input details.

EMR Integration and
Soap Notes

IntellaTriage integrates directly with Commonwell and CareQuality, allowing us to access real-time records from your EMR.

Experience the IntellaTriage Difference

By partnering with IntellaTriage, you can increase your service offerings and member satisfaction at minimal additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about our nurse advice line solutions for health plans and insurers.

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