Patient Engagement &
Post-Discharge Solutions

Improve patient outcomes, close gaps in treatment, and reduce readmission by taking advantage of IntellaTriage’s patient engagement services.

Remove Barriers to Care and Improve Outcomes

When a patient is discharged, the inability to follow discharge instructions contributes to higher readmission rates, longer recovery times, and lower patient satisfaction.

Holder her hand up to her headset and medical provider smiles at her computer screen.

Real-Time Engagement Services

IntellaTriage has solved this problem by providing real-time, personalized patient engagement services. Our customized offerings improve outcomes and uncover patient experience issues. For clients using our patient engagement services, IntellaTriage’s licensed nurses perform outbound calls to speak with your patients about their progress and needs.

How Does It Work?

IntellaTriage’s after-hours nurse triage service provides an effective and timely assessment of your patients’ health problems. Our team of nurses is standing by to evaluate symptoms and determine the appropriate level of care. The advice provided by IntellaTriage is HIPAA-compliant and dispensed by licensed and trained nurses.

A nurse sitting on a couch looking at a patients cellphone with them.

You Tell Us Which Patients Need
to be Engaged

We know that each patient has unique needs. IntellaTriage will schedule any outreach based on your request. Our process achieves high contact rates and improved service satisfaction.

We Create a Tailored Schedule
for Outreach

Our team of licensed nurses creates an outreach schedule based on certain parameters, including factors such as patient disposition, program protocol, or other relevant criteria.

A woman sits in a wicker chair on her cellphone scheduling with triage.
Sitting at a desk wearing blue scrubs a medical worker talks on the phone while reviewing a chart.

Our Licensed Nurses Make the Call

Our team of licensed nurses will review comprehensive records for all patients along with any notes that have been provided, before reaching out to the patient. This maximizes our time with the patient to address any concerns presented.

Resources, Triage, and more

IntellaTriage provides your patients with comprehensive resources, triages patient calls, or connects patients with primary care, depending on the goal of the engagement. We will also report any issues to your healthcare organization and specific caregivers in real-time, resulting in fast, effective treatment.

An elderly man and a nurse sit on a couch looking at a tablet.
A nurse and patient look at a tablet while in the patients home.

With Our Patient Engagement 
Services, You Can…

Increase cost savings, end compassion fatigue, and improve patient experience with IntellaTriage. We implement custom nurse-first triage strategies to fit your organization’s protocols and needs.

Reduce 911 calls and unnecessary ER visits
Lower readmission rates
Increase patient satisfaction
Help patients to access the right level of care
Increase compliance with post-discharge instructions
Connect patients with appropriate resources

Your Partner in Patient Engagement

IntellaTriage can increase the effectiveness of your healthcare organization by optimizing your patient engagement procedures. To learn more about how IntellaTriage fits into your service offering, contact us today.

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