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our value

Our approach has revolutionized the world of after-hours triage. We provide solutions tailored to the needs of your patients. Experience our difference by partnering with IntellaTriage today.

Our goal is to act as an extension of your practice. We use a tailored approach to deliver compassionate, around-the-clock care through the clinical expertise of our registered nurses. Through a blend of your customized protocols and our leading-edge technology, we provide the best possible patient experience. IntellaTriage provides three key value points to our clients.

Many medical call centers will direct patients to call back during business hours, send them through labyrinths of automated menus, and play prerecorded messages. We believe your patients deserve better. Our triage solution is able to answer patient calls in under one minute, without transfers between non-nurses, callbacks, or frustrating menus.

Partnering with IntellaTriage saves money. Our clients save the cost of staffing their own nurses for an internal call center, along with the time and effort required to recruit, hire, manage, and operate that service. Additionally, we help increase topline revenue by capturing all referrals quickly.

Answering after-hours calls is a key source of nurse burnout rates for hospice and home health providers, hospitals, and other provider groups. IntellaTriage acts as the first line of defense for your team, shielding them from up to 80% of incoming calls. Field nurses are able to focus on their in-person patients without being called away to the phone. This reduces stress, burnout, and subsequent nurse turnover. Our registered nurses are equipped to answer your patient’s questions at all hours.

Experience the IntellaTriage Difference

IntellaTriage is the nation’s top provider of after-hours nurse triage services. We offer our services to hospice and home health providers, hospitals, physician groups, health plans, and specialty practices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our approach is purposefully unique; we believe that your patients should speak to a licensed, registered nurses with expertise in your specific field. IntellaTriage serves as an integrated partner in your practice, ensuring that your clients receive the highest quality of care at any time – day or night.

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