IntellaTriage provides nurse-based triage services for physician groups, ACOs, health systems, and more. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring that your patients receive the highest quality of care, day or night.

Triage Services for Physician Groups & Medical Practices

We’ve revolutionized the traditional medical call center. IntellaTriage provides 24/7 nurse triage services for a wide array of providers. Utilizing our licensed nurses and a cloud-based telehealth platform, we ensure top-quality patient interactions at all hours of the day.

IntellaTriage provides comprehensive triage services staffed entirely by licensed nurses. Our team serves as an extension of yours, adhering to office-specific protocols and improving patient experience. By partnering with us, you ensure that patients receive instant, top-quality care from a real medical professional – not just a request to call back later. We can address up to 80% of all concerns over the phone so patients receive the appropriate treatment at the right time.

Up to 90% of ER visits are unnecessary and result in stress, financial struggle, and patient dissatisfaction. These can be avoided through a conversation with a telephone triage nurse. By partnering with IntellaTriage, providers save patients time, stress, and money by offering a comprehensive, at-home triage service.

Patients shouldn’t have to visit urgent care clinics after hours. By ensuring that patients are seen at the most appropriate level of care, providers can capture more office revenue for follow-up visits while boosting outcomes and improving patient satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

Our clinical team of licensed nurses is extensively trained in telephone nurse triage. They serve as the front line for all of our provider triage. Our nurse advice line also delivers expert clinical support day or night, weekends included. We support your nurses, physicians, AOCs, and case managers by lightening the call load and providing compassionate care to each patient. Here’s how it works.



While many answering services redirect calls or use robotic menu functions, we connect your patients directly with a licensed nurse in under a minute. They receive the care they need immediately without frustrating transfers or callbacks.


The gold standard of telephone triage guides our registered nurses: Schmitt- Thompson protocols. You can rest assured that your patients receive the most up-to-date, appropriate care, day or night.




IntellaTriage integrates directly with Commonwell and CareQuality, allowing us to access real-time records from your EMR.

Reimagining the Medical Call Center

IntellaTriage provides effective, transparent care to your patients by following your protocol and procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our nurse-first triage services for health systems.