At IntellaTriage, 2022 passed quickly in a whirlwind of company growth, professional successes, and nurse-first triage. Above all other indicators of success this year, IntellaTriage has delivered on our promise: to improve the lives of nurses and patients. Our team strives daily to embody our company mission and is proud to know that we do so every day. To share a recent team member’s quote: “It makes me proud to say I work for IntellaTriage and to know I have an impact on the lives of so many patients, families, and nurses.”

Join us for a quick recap of all we’ve accomplished in 2022 and the ripple effects of our essential work:

Two hundred fifty thousand lives covered. 

Our licensed RNs provided compassionate, quality care via nurse-first phone triage for approximately 250,000 patients. While many answering services transfer patients or request that they call back later, IntellaTriage ensures that phone calls are answered quickly by a registered nurse. Ok, but how many calls?  

Three hundred twenty-five thousand calls answered. 

IntellaTriage nurses answered 325,000 while abiding by client-specific procedures to resolve patient concerns. Our registered nurses refilled medications, ordered durable medical equipment, and performed other essential tasks, providing a seamless patient experience at all hours. Of the calls that come in after-hours, we have… 

75% call resolution. 

AKA resolving 75% of addressable calls. Call resolution is a statistic that comes up often when hospice and home health providers begin to delve into the idea of after-hours triage and is just as often confused. The IntellaTriage dashboard houses over a decade worth of after-hours call data. Based on our dashboard benchmarks, our triage nurses resolve 54% of ALL calls answered after hours. Some calls, such as a death call, must be escalated to the provider nurse so we pull those calls out, and we are left with what we refer to as triage-addressable calls. Which equates to….

One hundred seventy-five thousand five hundred calls resolved on the first call. 

Our impressive resolution rate is not only a number to boast about, but it also has a real impact on the workload of field nurses. Because our team of licensed nurses resolved 175,000 calls on the first call, there were 175,000 calls that our clients’ on-call nurses did not have to address. Our nurse-first model sets us apart from others in the nurse-based triage space who rely on non-nurse patient coordinators to answer the first call. You can imagine our clients’ results: well-rested nurses and significantly lower burnout. Another way to look at that is…

55,000 nurse hours saved. 

Based on the number of calls and average encounter time, we save our clients a total of 55,000 nurse hours. That equates to >$2mm annual savings, based on the national nurse salary average of $39.78 per hour. All of this supports the all-important patient experience…

Speed to nurse <60 seconds.

Every second counts when a loved one is in need. On average, patients calling after-hours are connected with a registered nurse in 38 seconds. Patient experience is improved, evidenced in our clients’ CAHPS scores. Most importantly, our nurses deliver compassionate care, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to support family members who are often looking for overnight reassurance.

2022 A Year to Remember. 

IntellaTriage has experienced tremendous growth in lives covered and providers serviced this past year. To sustain this and support the needs of our clients and patients, our leadership has focused on scaling essential infrastructure. We have added four new members to the leadership team, implemented significant technology upgrades, and above all, continued to hire the most important piece of our triage puzzle: qualified nurses. We now employ over 200 licensed registered nurses. They reside in 39 states and are trained in the nurse-based triage processes that have proven successful since 2008. We are experts in the field of phone triage – so you don’t have to be. 

2022 has been an incredible year, and we are proud of our work to support the hospice and home health space. IntellaTriage delivered on our promise: To improve the lives of nurses and patients. 2033 stands poised to be just as successful, and we look forward to helping more organizations transform their after-hours strategy. 

Thank you for letting us be part of your after-hours solution.

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At IntellaTriage, our nurse-first triage can reduce nurse burnout and staff turnover, improve patient satisfaction, and boost your bottom line. You can save on the cost of staffing an internal call center and the time and effort of recruiting, managing, and operating that service. We capture all referrals quickly, increasing your topline revenue and your patient’s healthcare outcomes.

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