Nurse Triage

Health problems aren’t restricted to a 9-to-5 workday. With an after-hours nurse triage service, patients can access a nurse any time of day or night.

Access Nurses Any Time Day or Night

At IntellaTriage, efficient and compassionate patient care is our priority. Our cutting-edge triage solutions, led by experienced nurses, ensure timely responses and tailored assistance for every patient. Discover how our expertise can elevate your healthcare services.

Nurse holds a phone in one hand and a pen in the other as they speak with a patient.

What is Nurse Triage?

Nurse triage is the patient assessment process to determine the appropriate next steps within the defined plan of care. With this service, our licensed nurses will make decisions about your patient’s condition based on their current medical record. IntellaTriage conducts hundreds of thousands of nurse-triage calls every year and has more than a decade of experience in this area. We help you provide your patients the highest level of care at any time of day, any day of the year.

Typing on a keyboard while wearing a headset, a nurse talks to a patient over the phone.

Nurse Triage vs. Medical Call Center

“Medical call center” is a fancy way of saying answering service. Most medical call centers will direct patients to call back during business hours, send patients through labyrinths of automated menus, and play prerecorded messages. We believe your patients deserve better. At IntellaTriage, we direct patient calls to licensed nurses in under one minute. This enables your patients to receive appropriate care, medically sound advice, and an excellent experience – day or night.

How Does It Work?

IntellaTriage’s after-hours nurse-first triage service provides an effective and timely assessment of your patient’s health problems. Our team of triage-trained licensed nurses is standing by to evaluate symptoms and determine the appropriate level of care. The advice provided by IntellaTriage is HIPAA-compliant and dispensed by licensed and trained nurses.

An elder man talks on his cellphone while sitting in his home.

Call Forwards to IntellaTriage

We use greetings customized to your practice to create a seamless experience.

Licensed, Triage-Trained Nurse Answers

Each phone call is answered by a licensed nurse trained in phone triage according to the IntellaTriage Way, typically in under one minute.

One nurse looks over patient charts as another sits in the background on a corded phone.
Tablet display showing a medical record with a finger hovering over it.

Review Patient Records

Our system integrates with your recordkeeping software, enabling our nurses to review each patient’s record in real time.

Triage and Care Instructions

Referencing your protocols, medical records, and your patient’s comments, our nurses will triage patient concerns. This may involve at-home solutions or in-office visits.

A nurse holds a clipboard with patient forms as she sits in front of a persona sitting in a wheelchair.
Elderly couple sitting at a breakfast bar, with the man holding out a medicine bottle while the woman grabs a pill.

Perform “Work of the Call”

We create workflows tailored to fit how you operate during normal business hours. This involves ordering equipment, refilling medications, and many other tasks as needed.


Each encounter is thoroughly documented for your office’s reference, ensuring no gap in care or miscommunication occurs.

Medical professional sits at a desk, typing on their laptop in a medical office.
A nurse sits with a patient reviewing their healthcare plan on a tablet sitting on a table.

Analytics & Continuous

Our proprietary customer portal, IntellaHub, provides key insights into what happens on every call. We leverage these meaningful insights to optimize your services and improve patient experience.

Discover the IntellaTriage Difference

It is our goal to provide comprehensive triage services to your patients at any hour of the day. Informed by your protocols, IntellaTriage’s licensed nurses act as an extension of your services, ensuring high-quality, individualized care. To learn more about our triage services for hospice and home health services, please contact us today.

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