Improving Patient Experiences with Nurse Triage Services

One major change in healthcare the past 5 years is the expectation for immediate answers and responses from healthcare providers. Whether it’s via the telephone, computer or mobile device, healthcare providers have finally caught up with patient expectations and are beginning to see how they can make healthcare better and more effective by improving patient experiences with nurse triage services.

Outcomes of Successful Nurse Triage and Patient Engagement Strategies

The best patient engagement solution delivers the highest quality personalized care. However, it also can provide valuable information back to the caregivers about what truly motivates patients to engage in their care. This information can help patients better understand their care plans and instructions, and what builds trust between the patient and the caregiver. Without live nurse triage care, patients will not engage, so it is imperative for patients to feel comfortable during their interactions with nurses and that their voice is being heard through compassionate conversations with every caregiver during their healthcare journey.

Virtual Nurse Care is Here, but How Do You Manage the Cost?

If you are searching for ways to deliver more progressive, 24/7 virtual care and cut costs while offering high-quality, on-demand access to licensed nurse triage, it’s time to nix the traditional models. Discover a new way to save your nurses time and your organization money.

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CASE STUDY:  Hospice Brazos Valley

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Triage And Patient Engagement Technology Solutions Are Failing

Healthcare providers are scrambling to address the ever-growing problems of increasing healthcare costs, timely care and managing large populations. As individual patients and groups of patient populations are more empowered by new technology, providers must find ways to provide the personal, live care patients need at the level they expect.

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Improving Patient Experiences with Nurse Triage Services

We are living in an era where people and patients expect solutions now and providers are expected to be looking at ways of improving patient experiences. The solution? Nurse triage.

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Special Report: Answering The Call: How Hospice and Home Care Agencies Are Battling Nurse Burnout and High Turnover

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