Home health and hospice at home are vital to improving the patient experience.
The Vital Role of Home Health and Hospice at Home in Improving the Patient Experience

Home health and hospice care are integral components of a patient-centered healthcare system. They emphasize the patient’s comfort, individual needs, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. At IntellaTriage, we celebrate the experience that home health care provides a patient. Learn how we play a part of the home-based care solution.

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Enhancing Patient Care: The Benefits of Outsourcing Hospice and Home Health After-Hours Triage

Providing continuous patient support, especially during critical moments, is paramount as the hospice and home health industries edge ever closer to more value-based care. One innovative approach to ensuring seamless care is outsourcing after-hours triage services.

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More Than a Phone Call: After-Hours and the Emotional Experience

Providing access to a nurse on the phone during after-hours can significantly reduce anxiety for patients, caregivers, and nurses, and decrease hospitalizations and urgent care visits. Learn how outsourced triage enhances the emotional experience of those involved in after-hours care from every angle.

Is Your Triage Model Impacting Patient Satisfaction?

Practically speaking, the best way to improve your patients’ experience and thus your CAHPS scores is by putting the patient or caregiver in touch with a registered nurse every chance you get.

After-hours Action Plans – Reduce Medication Refill Calls

In a recent webinar, Dr. Stacy Cottingham of Coastal Hospice kindly shared a deeper dive into how their plan to reduce medication refill calls after hours produced such impressive results. Learn how using the data provided on the IntellaTriage service dashboard enabled the Coastal team to reduce medication refill calls. And how driving this initiative increased nurse satisfaction, enhanced the timeliness of care, and improved financial performance.

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Keeping the Patient Experience in Mind

While the staffing crisis continues to grab the spotlight, we must also work to keep patient experience in the light and find a way to address both issues simultaneously. Learn how IntellaTriage nurse-based triage can improve the patient experience and reduce nurse burnout.

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What Exactly IS Nurse-First After-Hours Triage?

When it comes down to it, the main decider in how you choose between nurse-based triage and other after-hours models lies in the patient experience. A nurse-first after-hours triage provider connects your patients with a live caregiver at every encounter.

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Your After-Hours Care Model – A Program Strength or an After-Thought?

Understanding the different options for after-hours care models and choosing the model that best fits your agency’s goals can significantly impact overall patient satisfaction, nurse burnout, and your bottom line.

nurse burnout and patient safety
Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety

On the IntellaTriage blog, we’ve explained exactly how detrimental nurse burnout can be to your organization and your team. When staff members are pushed to the limit, they begin to …