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Six Scheduling Satisfiers: Creative after-hours scheduling for happy, engaged, and rested nurses

We spent time with Ashley Calloway, IntellaTriage Director of Clinical Operations, exploring creative ways to fill after-hours scheduling without compromising care or nurse sanity. We know hospice and home health agencies struggle to fill those on-call shifts while keeping their nursing staff happy, engaged, and rested enough to best care for patients.

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What Exactly IS Nurse-First After-Hours Triage?

When it comes down to it, the main decider in how you choose between nurse-based triage and other after-hours models lies in the patient experience. A nurse-first after-hours triage provider connects your patients with a live caregiver at every encounter.

Internal After-Hours Triage: Best Practices

Regardless of how your agency operates your internal after-hours triage, appropriately managing these calls requires skills that differ from bedside nursing. Consider these best practices if your agency manages your after-hours call internally. 

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Your After-Hours Care Model – A Program Strength or an After-Thought?

Understanding the different options for after-hours care models and choosing the model that best fits your agency’s goals can significantly impact overall patient satisfaction, nurse burnout, and your bottom line.

Panel Discussion: How To Staff After-Hours

“We started looking at a triage outsourcing company and then talked to our staff nurses: “What would you think if we did this?” There was a resounding: Oh wow, you mean I can sleep at night?!”

Webinar: Transform your approach to after-hours phone triage

Every home health and hospice organization is different, but one issue remains: compassion fatigue and nurse burnout. An emerging approach to leveraging after-hours triage support poses to change that by …

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After-Hours Triage: Your All-in-One Solution

When your healthcare practice is facing staff shortages, your clinical team is overworked, or you just need a little help with patient engagement after hours, a triage nurse may just …

triage providers - phone triage guidelines
Triage Providers | Phone Triage Guidelines

Illness and injury do not always recognize a physician’s typical schedule. As a healthcare provider, you cannot staff your office around the clock to be available for those issues that …

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After-Hours Home Health Patient Triage: The Role of Nurse Triage

Post-acute care is often provided at home by healthcare professionals experienced in caring for patients in a more comfortable environment than an institutional facility. Nurse triage protocols are put in …