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Is Nurse Burnout Concern Still a Factor? The Short Answer Is Yes

Several years into the pandemic and the ongoing staffing crisis, nurse burnout concerns still plague hospice and home health agencies. Their nursing staff continue to feel the pinch of heavy workloads and understaffing. Hospice and home health agencies must find a way to support fewer nurses with fewer resources. To help reduce burnout, agencies can outsource after-hours calls.

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Your After-Hours Care Model – A Program Strength or an After-Thought?

Understanding the different options for after-hours care models and choosing the model that best fits your agency’s goals can significantly impact overall patient satisfaction, nurse burnout, and your bottom line.

nurse staffing ratios and patient outcomes
How Nurse Staffing Impacts Patient Outcomes

Earlier this month, we discussed the impact of short-staffing shifts for healthcare workers. Splitting more patients between fewer nurses results in exhaustion, job dissatisfaction, and frustration: all the ingredients for …

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How Uneven Patient-Nurse Ratio Contributes to Burnout

Research shows that wages and benefits account for 56% of U.S. hospital costs – this far exceeds the other categories of expenditure, which include professional fees (11.9%), prescription drugs (6.7%), utilities …

nurse burnout and patient safety
Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety

On the IntellaTriage blog, we’ve explained exactly how detrimental nurse burnout can be to your organization and your team. When staff members are pushed to the limit, they begin to …

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Compassion Fatigue Contributes to Nursing Burnout

We’ve previously discussed the impact that burnout can have on men and women in the health care field. Today, we want to talk about a principal factor behind that stress and exhaustion: …

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Causes of Stress in Nursing

Burnout can happen in any profession. The healthcare industry has experienced some especially difficult challenges, particularly in the past two years, that have affected individuals in adverse ways. There are …

preventing nurse burnout
Nurse Retention Strategies

Nurses are under a tremendous amount of stress. They face challenges every day, as they take care of patients, juggle schedules, and work to ensure that everyone stays safe and …

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After-Hours Triage: Your All-in-One Solution

When your healthcare practice is facing staff shortages, your clinical team is overworked, or you just need a little help with patient engagement after hours, a triage nurse may just …