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nurse burnout and patient safety

Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety

On the IntellaTriage blog, we’ve explained exactly how detrimental nurse burnout can be to your organization and your team. When staff members are pushed to the limit, they begin...

causes of stress in nursing

Causes of Stress in Nursing

Burnout can happen in any profession. The healthcare industry has experienced some especially difficult challenges, particularly in the past two years, that have affected individuals in adverse ways. There...

preventing nurse burnout

Nurse Retention Strategies

Nurses are under a tremendous amount of stress. They face challenges every day, as they take care of patients, juggle schedules, and work to ensure that everyone stays safe...

nurse triage services

EMR Services

A nurse triage service offers many benefits to your healthcare organization. Trained registered nurses are ready to answer your patients’ questions and guide them toward appropriate solutions for their...