After-Hours Care Coordination: transparent image of caregiver hands imposed over IntellaTriage branded color bars with the words: Gaining Insights to Drive Excellence; Driving Quality Care with Data; Enhancing Efficiency; Leveraging Nurse-First Solutions
Enhancing After-Hours Care Coordination: A Heart Failure Patient’s Journey

After-hours care coordination can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of patients (in this case, heart failure patients) receiving home health care. Learn how the power of data-driven insights and personalized strategies can enhance patient outcomes.

Is Your Triage Model Impacting Patient Satisfaction?

Practically speaking, the best way to improve your patients’ experience and thus your CAHPS scores is by putting the patient or caregiver in touch with a registered nurse every chance you get.

Medication Refills, Data Analytics, And Action Plans: Coastal Hospice Case Story 

Over five months, utilizing the improved protocols, education, ongoing tracking, and monthly meetings with IntellaTriage, Coastal Hospice realized over 40% reduction of after-hours medication call volume.

nurse staffing ratios and patient outcomes
How Nurse Staffing Impacts Patient Outcomes

Earlier this month, we discussed the impact of short-staffing shifts for healthcare workers. Splitting more patients between fewer nurses results in exhaustion, job dissatisfaction, and frustration: all the ingredients for …