For 15 years, IntellaTriage has been a pioneering force in after-hours nurse-first triage services, transforming the landscape of post-acute healthcare. Our success is a testament to a legacy of innovation, quality, and unwavering compassion that has reshaped the patient experience and provider landscape.

Changing Landscape of After-Hours Triage

The past 15 years have seen a remarkable transformation in after-hours triage services and the post-acute industry.

  1. Technology Innovation: The integration of cutting-edge technology has streamlined communication, documentation, and data analytics, enabling more efficient and accurate triage services. IntellaTriage’s IntellaHub is a prime example of one such technological innovation.
  2. Clarification in CMS Regulation: The clarification made by CMS regarding the approval for external after-hours services in hospice and home health service models marked a pivotal shift in healthcare regulations. With this clarification, CMS provided a definitive green light for hospice and home health agencies to enlist external after-hours services. This change fundamentally expanded the scope of care these agencies could offer, allowing them to leverage specialized external services during off-hours, enhancing the quality of care and streamlining operations, ensuring patients received comprehensive support around the clock. The move represented a significant stride toward a more holistic and accessible healthcare system for those needing hospice and home health services.
  3. Shifting Clinical Staffing Availability and Increased Need: The nurse staffing crisis in home health and hospice, a longtime issue, has reached critical levels in recent years, impacting the quality of care for vulnerable patients. Understaffing strains resources, leading to increased workloads and burnout among nurses, compromising the personalized attention and support these patients rely on. This crisis demands urgent attention to ensure adequate staffing levels, preserve quality care, and alleviate the burden on dedicated healthcare professionals striving to meet the needs of those in home health and hospice settings. With a large team of dedicated nurses, IntellaTriage’s capacity to handle triage calls at all hours of the day or night has grown significantly, leading to increased support for field nurses, reduced burnout, and improved retention. Outsourced triage also leads to quicker responses and higher resolution rates, thus enhancing patient care and experience.
  4. Industry Growth: The escalating demand for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) recognizes that enabling individuals to receive care in their homes plays a vital role in enhancing independence, quality of life, and cost-effectiveness while promoting inclusivity and meeting diverse healthcare needs within communities. Alongside this industry growth, the demand for nurse-based, tech-enabled triage services has surged, leading to substantial growth for companies like IntellaTriage. This growth has been driven by the industry’s recognition of the value such services bring to patient care and organizational efficiency.

Evolution of After-Hours Triage

A Journey of Achievements

IntellaTriage’s journey is marked by remarkable milestones. Founded in 2008 after a personal experience highlighting the need for improved hospice after-hours care, IntellaTriage embarked on a mission to revolutionize triage services. Over this decade and a half, our impact on hospice, home health, and medical organizations has been profound. From 2015 to 2019, IntellaTriage entered a time of rapid expansion as we streamlined and optimized our triage solution and continued to deliver excellent service to our customers and their patients. During this period, CMS clarified its approval for the use of external after-hours services in hospice and home health service models, opening the door for increased outsourced triage usage, to the intense relief of field nurses and short-staffed organizations nationwide.

Expansion of Care Team: IntellaTriage has grown exponentially to over 250 licensed nurses from a humble team of three nurses. These compassionate professionals now handle more than 500,000 calls annually, with swift responses averaging under 40 seconds. The resolution rates for hospice calls stand at an impressive 80%, while for home health, rates can range as high as 97% depending on customized triage protocols.

Technological Innovation: IntellaTriage has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the triage space. Our proprietary platform, IntellaHub, has been a game-changer, facilitating seamless communication among care teams, accurate documentation within patient records, and pioneering data collection and benchmark reporting. Among other things, IntellaHub guides nurses in delivering precise triage based on varied clinical directives utilizing AI-powered tools tailored to specific agency protocols.

Compassionate Care: IntellaTriage’s success is intrinsically tied to our dedicated team of licensed nurses. These experienced nurses, trained for remote triage, embody our company’s commitment to quality service and patient-centric care.

Exponential Growth: Since 2019, IntellaTriage has experienced unparalleled growth, expanding its reach to serve major hospice organizations and the home health sector of one of the nation’s largest Catholic health organizations. Annual recurring revenue soared by over 90% in 2022 alone, earning IntellaTriage a prestigious spot on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.

15 Years of Excellence

As IntellaTriage looks forward to the future, our commitment to improving the lives of nurses and patients remains steadfast. The journey of the last 15 years serves as a foundation for our ongoing pursuit of excellence and transformation in after-hours triage services.

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