Nurse Burnout & Retention

  • after hours triage

    When your healthcare practice is facing staff shortages, your clinical team is overworked, or you just need a little help with patient engagement after hours, a triage nurse may just be the answer for you. After-hours triage can be your all-in-one-solution, whether you are an independent practice, a home health agency, or a hospice organization. [...]

  • improve hospice operations

    Burnout in healthcare is a real concern of today’s providers; the areas of hospice and post-acute care are no exception. It’s costly, on a human and a financial level and it can negatively impact patient experience and outcomes. Enlisting the help of an after-hours triage service can give providers a way to reduce these issues [...]

  • retain nurses through interventions for nurse burnout prevention

    Healthcare is a stressful business. Those who work in healthcare face challenges every day as they provide care and help to others while sometimes ignoring their own needs. Understanding how to reduce nurse burnout in your practice can help keep everyone safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. Burnout Defined Nurse burnout can have three [...]

  • reduce nurse burnout in post-acute care

    While burnout in the healthcare field is not a new concept, the historic staff shortages brought on COVID-19- related burnout has launched it into the spotlight. There are a number of specific reasons for the high burnout rate, even during “normal” times. There are also a number of ways to reduce nurse burnout in post-acute [...]

  • Nurse burnout and coronavirus with a nurse leaning against a wall on their knees in the background.

    The chaos of coronavirus underscores the challenge that public health workers face in prioritizing their own wellness in the face of limited resources, brutal hours, and endless demands on their time. These issues are not unique to times of crisis, but it underscores a chronic and deteriorating pattern in healthcare.  With coronavirus and nurse burnout [...]

  • Centers for Medicare and medicaid

    After Hours Triage and Core Services If you are struggling to decipher the Conditions of Participation as it relates to outsourcing any part of your after hours triage for hospice or after hours triage for home care and core services operations and whether or not it conflicts with Core Services, we have some answers for [...]

  • Triage for hospice

    Nurse Shortages It seems like every year we hear more stories about nurse shortages, continued compassion fatigue and burnout.   Additionally, faced with funding cuts and shrinking profits affecting our nations healthcare providers, it's no wonder why our nurses are working longer hours, more days.  We all know our nurses are our most precious resource, and finding [...]

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