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After-Hours Triage: Your All-in-One Solution

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When your healthcare practice is facing staff shortages, your clinical team is overworked, or you just need a little help with patient engagement after hours, a triage nurse may just be the answer for you. After-hours triage can be your all-in-one-solution, whether you are an independent practice, a home health agency, or a hospice organization.

An Extension of Your Practice

An after-hours triage solution becomes an extension of your practice, not just another generic answering service. Your patients will be reassured that they are receiving the highest quality care even after your office has closed for the day.

The triage nurse’s approach is tailored to your practice’s customized protocols, combined with leading-edge technology that enables the nurse to improve your patient’s experience. The registered nurse answering your patient’s call will deliver the compassion and value-based care that your patients expect from your practice.

Reducing Burnout

When your clinical team is already overworked, you need a solution that will help reduce the burnout level and, subsequently, the turnover rate of your nurses. After-hours triage offers your practice the solution you need to expand your staff capabilities and take some of the stress off of overwhelmed team members.

For home health and hospice organizations, especially, after-hours triage care is a major element in the solution to the burnout challenge among your nurses. A triage nurse will take the phone calls from concerned family members in the middle of the night so your nurses can focus on their in-person interactions with your patients.

Family members are not always able to call during office hours. They may have concerns after your office closes and need some comfort and guidance. A few reassuring words, a bit of quality medical guidance, or an empathetic ear may be all the family member needs when they are worried about their loved one’s well-being. A registered nurse fielding calls to triage after hours can offer exactly what those family members need, freeing up your staff nurses to take care of the patients themselves.

Improved Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Communication is very important to your patients. They expect nothing less when they have a need to call your office after hours. As an independent physician, you want to maintain that value-based care throughout the day and into the evening. You can do that with a triage after hours solution for your practice.

When you have your patients call an answering service, they will have to leave a message and wait for someone to call them back. That “someone” may be you or one of your nurses, who will have to be on-call after your office hours, so you can return patient calls.

With a triage after hours solution for your practice, though, your patients will reach a registered nurse who can answer their questions and offer them quality medical guidance, based on gold-standard after-hours protocols. The triage nurse can improve your patient communications, increase the quality of service your patients receive after hours, and improve the patient satisfaction level for your practice.

Qualified registered nurses staffing a triage service after hours can also ensure the continuity of the value-based care you provide your patients in the office. The nurse is trained on your protocols and will be able to advise the patient on the appropriate self-care. These optimized clinical results will help to reduce the number of unnecessary emergency room visits as well as unnecessary visits to your office. Each of your patients will have the timely access they need to the appropriate level of care for their particular medical concern after hours.

Financial Solution

A service offering triage after hours for your independent practice, hospice agency, or home health agency can save your organization money in addition to improving your overall relationships with your patients. You will save time as well as the cost of recruiting, hiring, and managing your own after-hours staff. Your practice will thrive, given the increased level of patient satisfaction that results from a quality nurse triage service.

IntellaTriage is Your All-in-One Solution

At IntellaTriage, our registered nurses triage every call according to the appropriate protocols for your practice. We have more than a decade of experience providing nurse triage calls and our focus continues to be on providing the highest level of care for clients, no matter the time of day.

Our phone triage nurses, all Registered Nurses, provide sound medical advice for patients concerned about a healthcare issue and we integrate with our providers’ systems to ensure consistent care for those patients. Contact IntellaTriage today for more information about our essential phone triage services.

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