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Hospice and home health regulatory updates, market trends, and after-hours triage strategies.

nurse triage patient engagement
Outcomes of Successful Nurse Triage and Patient Engagement Strategies

Nurse Triage and patient engagement strategies affect every patient interaction across the care continuum. Patients that are transferring from one care environment to another, in home care or other care …

Triage and patient engagement
Triage And Patient Engagement Technology Solutions Are Failing

Triage and patient engagement are critical for the future of our healthcare system. Healthcare providers are scrambling to address the ever growing problems of increasing healthcare costs, timely care and …

  • April 06, 2019
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Nurse Triage Services
Virtual Nurse Triage Service And The Role Of Today’s Nurse

How A Virtual Nurse Triage Service Can Transform Nursing A Virtual Nurse Triage Service represent an ideal way to continue validating the practice of nursing while handling the day-to-day realities …

Nurse Triage Service
How To Measure ROI For Remote Nurse Triage Service VS A Simple Answering Service

A Remote Nurse Triage Service can help providers deliver important medical care when they are needed most and help remove barriers of time, distance, and caregiver availability. When investing in …

outsourcing to a medical call center
Top Reasons To Stop Outsourcing To A Medical Call Center And Move To A Triage Provider

As health care providers of all types continue to focus on value-based care and triple aim initiatives, organizations are hoping that outsourcing to a Medical Call Center can help support …

Reduce Hospitalizations With A Medical Call Center Driven By Nurse Based Triage

Medical Call Centers Potentially avoidable hospitalizations are common, costly, and can have meaningful economic impacts. Medical Call Centers, driven by Nurse Only Triage, have been shown to reduce emergency department, …

nurse telehealth triage
Nurse Triage Telehealth Services Are Driving Better Solutions

Nurse Triage Telehealth Solutions The healthcare industry is at a crossroads between increased demand on their medical staff, growing patient populations, more chronic care conditions to attend to and a …

telehealth strategy
How To Create Value In Your Telehealth Strategy

Creating Value In Your Telehealth Strategy Every health care provider in the country is looking for way to become more efficient and impactful when it comes to delivering care.  With …

Triage for hospice
The Role of a Triage Nurse in Hospice, Home Care and Physician Group Settings

Triage nurses are key members of the care team, able to provide many aspects of care in various environments. These environments include hospice, home care, physician groups, accountable care organizations …