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Hospice and home health regulatory updates, market trends, and after-hours triage strategies.

Triage And Medical Call Center
The 5 Key Differences Between Nurse Triage and a Medical Call Center

Though many people use the terms interchangeably, nurse triage and medical call centers are not the same. In fact, they are considerably different. Call and contact centers are distinct models …

Nurseline and Telemedicine
What Is Triage And Who Needs It?

What Is Nurse Based After Hours Triage IntellaTriage answers the questions: What Is Nurse based After Hours Triage for hospice and what is nurse based after hours triage for Home care? …

Centers for Medicare and medicaid
After Hours Triage and Core Services Regulation

After Hours Triage and Core Services If you are struggling to decipher the Conditions of Participation as it relates to outsourcing any part of your after hours triage for hospice …

Telemedicine and Telehealth
Is TeleNursing the Same as TeleMedicine?

Though telemedicine has existed for decades, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly launched it into the spotlight in 2020. When people were forced to stay home and in-person care became inaccessible, healthcare …

Triage for hospice
Effects of Nurse Shortages and Compassion Fatigue

Nurse Shortages It seems like every year we hear more stories about nurse shortages, continued compassion fatigue and burnout.   Additionally, faced with funding cuts and shrinking profits affecting our nations …