What Is A Medical Call Center?

What Is A Medical Call Center?  It is a company that manages   incoming  and  outgoing  telephone calls for patients and helps to manage appointments and messages and provides patients with information about illnesses, healthcare resources, services provided, or self-management of disease using licensed nurses is a medical call center or medical answering service.

The medical call center is a virtual telephonic front door to the healthcare organization. It is central to streamlining and centralizing access to licensed nurse-based care.  The medical call center closes the gap between physician and nurse burnout and expanding care coverage with less resources. The medical call center builds a robust database that contains tailored data on individuals with specific health needs. The medical call center has also become the central access point for information, referral, clinical triage, extending primary care physicians’ office hours, and connecting with a live nurse-based advocate who navigates the caller through the enterprise to the appropriate resources. Medical call centers will be a core competency for health care organizations in the new era of care and are already a priority for visionary healthcare providers and managed care executives.

However, unless the medical call center can tangibly help achieve the healthcare organization’s priority outcomes and patient satisfaction, they will not be successful.  The medical call center is central for linking patients to meaningful medical resources, helping them expand their role in their own health care.  Medical Call centers are the leading edge of a new wave of empowering technology solutions that can facilitate health consumers to take more responsibility for their own health.  Medical Call Centers can also be used for enhancing life quality and for helping expand the limits of personal health potential. Medical Call centers in health care must facilitate access, with both compassion and clinical efficacy.

Many advocates have stated that there is no more important ‘process innovation” in health care than the emergence of triage based medical call centers and systems. Putting a medical based, nurse driven process mechanism at the front end of the treatment system dramatically reduces utilization. This key point in the health care delivery flow is gaining momentum in today’s healthcare environment because of the high return on investment associated with it.

So, how does the medical call center contribute directly to the organization’s priority outcomes? and how can a clear return on investment be assured? Medical Call Centers and Medical answering services can do much for your medical, dental or healthcare practice – no matter how big or small it may be, but unless you align your healthcare organization with a medical call center that can customize your clinical directives and protocols, and have those used by licensed nurses to triage patients the benefits will not be realized.

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