• Image of a nurse's hands overlayed with the teat Phone Triage and Schmitt-Thompson Protocols. This blog post is intended for home health and hospice providers interested in outsourced triage

    Quality triage services involve more than simply answering the phone and passing along messages. Trained triage nurses are equipped to ask questions that can lead to recommendations for care or instructions to seek immediate treatment, depending on the caller’s situation. Phone triage using Schmitt-Thompson protocols ensures that patients’ concerns are addressed appropriately and efficiently.

    March 28, 2024|After-Hours Care|
  • patient engagement and post discharge follow up

    When patients get discharged after a hospital visit, it can be difficult for them to follow or remember discharge instructions. This can lead to higher readmission rates, longer recovery times and decreased patient satisfaction. To solve this problem, patient engagement and post discharge follow up, when employed correctly, can reduce readmissions and close gaps in [...]

  • Selecting a telemedicine provider

    Selecting A Telemedicine Provider Patient Satisfaction.  The Number One Factor. Patient satisfaction is an extremely important measure of any healthcare organization’s success, and is top-of-mind for all healthcare executives and clinical managers. Integrated healthcare system leaders responsible for financial performance should also be concerned about patient satisfaction. Systems which include everything from inpatient, outpatient, employed [...]

    July 3, 2018|After-Hours Care|
  • The 5 Key Differences Between Nurse Triage and a Medical Call Center in blue font and two images of a nurse and computers lined up.

    Call and contact centers are distinct models for business communication and share very similar characteristics, yet are vastly different from triage or other nurse-based services. In this blog, we explain exactly what nurse-triage and call centers are, how they serve populations, the key differences between them and how to determine which is right for your organization. 

    March 8, 2024|After-Hours Care|
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth

    Though telemedicine has existed for decades, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly launched it into the spotlight in 2020. When people were forced to stay home and in-person care became inaccessible, healthcare organizations had to promptly pivot to provide virtual care services. While a return to pre-pandemic normalcy slowly but surely enters our horizons, the digital transformation [...]

    June 1, 2018|After-Hours Care|