Average Daily Census: 233 (at time of publication)

Locations: Maryland, District of Columbia + Northern Virginia

“We’ve eliminated staff turnover by being proactive to implement strategies like an outsourced, nurse-based triage service.” – Joy Sexton, RN, BSN, Hospice Director


When the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) was a smaller organization, its nurses and case managers rotated through being on-call. However, after growing to an average daily census of nearly 250, this system was no longer sustainable. With the growth in ADC  came an increase in call volume that the agency was ill equipped to handle – a nurse could be up all night with a patient while simultaneously trying to cover calls. JSSA needed a solution that was able to handle its high call volume and support its staff. 


JSSA hired nurse-based triage service IntellaTriage to address its high call volume and provide customized care to their unique patient population.  


By partnering  with  IntellaTriage, JSSA has eliminated staff turnover: “It’s not like an answering service where someone takes a message and passes on the call – there’s real action behind this type of service,” Joy Sexton, Hospice Director explains. “ It helps us have better utilization of our on-call staff. There’s no replacement for having trained nurses answer our after-hours calls.”

JSSA has also seen higher CAHPS scores, an increase in staff retention and a boost to its bottom line.

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