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Case Study: Hospice Brazos Valley

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nurse burnout and patient safety

Average Daily Census: 151 (at time of publication)

Location: Bryan, Texas

“Currently, our satisfaction scores for evenings and weekends are around 85%. When you look at the national data and the scores of our competitors in our market, we exceed both.” – Martha Mozier, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer


Hospice Brazos Valley initially started addressing after-hours calls through a traditional answering service that took messages and passed them along to the after-hours nursing staff. The service forwarded every single call to the nurses in the field, often interrupting them while trying to provide in-person care. This left the nurses feeling like they weren’t able to provide quality service to either party, and led to high levels of burnout and turnover. Not only did this high rate of turnover impact the experience of Hospice Brazos Valley’s patients and remaining nurses, it also had an impact on their bottom line: “when you lose a position, by the time you go through recruiting, hiring and training, the best-case scenario is six months before that nurse is fully trained and ready to go.”  Hospice Brazos Valley needed a solution that addressed nurse burnout and turnover and increased customer service after-hours.


The nurse leadership team at Hospice Brazos Valley partnered with IntellaTriage to decrease staff turnover and improve patient satisfaction through its nurse-based, after-hours triage solution. 


Since implementing IntellaTriage, Hospice Brazos Valley’s patient satisfaction scores have increased to 85%.

When recruiting, hiring and interviewing for open nursing positions, Hospice Brazos Valley often finds that candidates are pleased to hear there is an extra layer of support for them and their patients during the after-hours shift.

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