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Finding an Affordable On Call Nurse | 24 Hour Nurse Triage Line

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affordable on call nurse

Finding a quality nurse who is available on call can be complicated and even expensive. When you’re looking for help in your practice, you may need a different and more responsive solution. Contracting with a 24-hour nurse triage line can make finding an affordable on-call nurse easier and simpler for you and your healthcare team.

What is a Triage Nurse?

When you work with a 24-hour nurse triage line, your patients have access to a Registered Nurse (RN) who answers their calls anytime of the day or night. The triage nurse will listen to their questions, guide them toward a resolution for their medical issues, and help to determine the level of care they may need, whether that is coming to your office or something they can do on their own at home to alleviate their symptoms.

The triage nurse is trained to ask very specific questions when a patient calls for help. They can quickly and accurately assess the patient’s condition, providing an affordable alternative to the traditional on-call nurse for your organization. The triage nurse can save your practice money by offering the medical advice your patients need, even if it’s 3am, improving their healthcare outcomes and reducing their need to visit the emergency room or schedule a same-day appointment with your office.

Better Decisions, Lower Costs

Finding an affordable on-call nurse can be challenging. There are also complications involved, such as payment arrangements, availability and response time, and appropriate qualifications for your practice. With a 24-hour nurse triage line, you do not have to be concerned about whether the on-call nurse can arrive on time, as they are always there, ready to help your patients throughout the day and all night.

A nurse who is always available to answer your patients’ calls can reduce the time it takes for someone to take a message, deliver the message to the physician, and then return the phone call. The time saved by having a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day can mean the difference in the quality of care you are able to provide your patients. The triage nurse can immediately respond to your patients’ concerns and make better decisions for their care, without the time delay or the added cost.

Better for the Patient and the Healthcare System

A nurse triage service is affordable and can actually save you, your patient, and the healthcare system money in the long run. A service staffed by qualified and responsive RNs can provide evidence-based and experience-based guidance for your patients as to whether their symptoms may be a cause for immediate concern or can be managed by the nurse. If the patient’s condition requires a visit to your office, the nurse can guide them through steps they can take to manage their symptoms in the meantime and to better prepare for their visit to the physician.

Providing your patients with the services of an on-call nurse who is always there to answer their calls reassures them that you are sincerely concerned about whether their healthcare needs are being met. They can rest easy, knowing that a healthcare professional is available to them even if your office has closed for the day, and that they do not have to wait for a return call when they are suffering from a medical condition that concerns them.

Also, an affordable on-call nurse, available through a 24-hour nurse triage line, can help reduce healthcare costs across the board. Patients will make fewer trips to the emergency room, which helps lower expenditures for everyone. Your patients will experience higher quality healthcare outcomes, you will enjoy an economical solution to your search for an affordable on-call nurse, and your practice will see an increase in patient satisfaction.

Save Money and Improve Your Patient Experience

A nurse triage service can be an economical solution to your search for an affordable on-call nurse. At IntellaTriage, we improve patient satisfaction, reduce nurse burnout and staff turnover, and save you money. You can save on the cost of staffing your own nurses for an internal call center, as well as the time and effort needed to recruit, hire, manage, and operate that service. We also capture all referrals quickly, increasing your topline revenue and your patient’s healthcare outcomes.

To learn more about IntellaTriage’s revolutionary approach to nurse triage service, contact us today.

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