A nurse triage service offers many benefits to your healthcare organization. Trained registered nurses are ready to answer your patients’ questions and guide them toward appropriate solutions for their medical concerns. A professional nurse triage service also includes EMR services, as it updates medical records to ensure everything is current and accurate.

Importance of EMR Systems

Electronic medical record systems, or EMR systems, are critical for your patients and for your organization as a whole. Proper record keeping ensures that patients consistently receive the highest quality of care. Independent providers, home health and hospice services, larger healthcare organizations, and health plans all benefit from tracking a patient’s medical progress electronically.

EMR software offers a considerable improvement over paper charts. As a provider, you can now view your patients’ critical data quickly and then track changes over time without having to flip through pages and pages of information. EMR software also helps you manage population health in important areas like weight management, blood pressure, and cholesterol concerns. Chronic diseases are more efficiently managed as well, improving your ability to provide the value-based care your patients deserve.

Who Uses EMR Services?

Healthcare professionals are moving forward with electronic medical records in significant numbers, to consistently monitor their patients’ health in an efficient and effective manner. In a survey of hospitals, it was found that 81% use EMR data to monitor patient safety and 77% use it to measure organizational performance. In addition, 68% of hospitals use the data to identify high-risk patients.

Independent physicians are also using EMR services in large numbers. Almost 86% have adopted an electronic medical record system and almost 80% have adopted a certified EMR. Electronic medical record systems have almost doubled in office-based healthcare practices since 2008.

Updating Medical Records

In addition to providing nurse triage services after hours, the registered nurse answering calls from your patients should also update that patient’s medical record accordingly. This is a very important service for your healthcare organization, as it will ensure that your team has all the current and accurate information you need about that patient, including their after-hours care and concerns.

The data in the EMR will point your team toward the best approach for treating each patient in the days and weeks following their after-hours call. Maintaining updated medical records is critical for improving outcomes and for reminding your patients about appropriate follow-up care, including prevention and screening needs.

In addition, patients recognize the value of having their information updated in an EMR, as their perceptions of the quality of care they receive are positively associated with the use of electronic medical records.

After Hours Nurse Triage Services

You can rest assured that our nurse triage services will provide the highest quality of care for your patients, resulting in current and updated medical records for those patients. You and your team will have access to encounter notes and all other relevant information from the after-hours call. We work with you to tailor our data input to your system and your organizational needs.

Whether your EMR services are server-based or web-based, our triage nurses will log your patient’s information into your system. This eliminates the potential for lost or incomplete data on patients who have health concerns after your practice hours. Our team lifts that burden from your team by updating records with pertinent information such as when and why the patient called, whether treatment was recommended, and whether follow-up care is necessary. Over time, this can even reduce nurse burnout in your practice.

We know that your EMR services are critical for your organization and for your patients’ continued health. Along with using the gold standards in triage protocols, our team also focuses on ensuring that your patient records are current and accurate.

IntellaTriage is Your All-in-One Solution

At IntellaTriage, our registered nurses triage every call according to industry best practices. We have more than a decade of experience providing nurse triage calls, and our focus continues to be on providing the highest level of care for clients, no matter the time of day.

Our phone triage nurses, all Registered Nurses, provide sound medical advice for patients concerned about a healthcare issue and we integrate with our providers’ systems to ensure consistent care for those patients. Contact IntellaTriage today for more information about our essential phone triage services.

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