NurseLine is Now IntellaTriage

Exciting news! IntellaTriage, the foremost provider of after-hours nurse-first triage services for hospice and home health, is thrilled to announce our strategic acquisition of NurseLine. This significant leap forward in our mission to improve the lives of nurses and patients increases our ability to offer unparalleled solutions to post-acute providers, improving patient outcomes, reducing nurse burnout, and increasing operational efficiency.

Triage Services for Hospice + Home Health

Welcome to IntellaTriage – your solution to unparalleled after-hours nurse-first triage services for hospice and home health providers.

With the union of IntellaTriage and NurseLine, our combined expertise and resources will empower hospice and home health organizations to deliver care that is not only more efficient but also more comprehensive than ever before.

Are you curious to learn more about how this acquisition will transform the way patient care is delivered?

Explore our website and discover how IntellaTriage has revolutionized nurse-first triage. Join us as we continue to set new standards in compassionate and responsive healthcare. Uncover the future of hospice and home health triage with IntellaTriage. Contact us today!

How Do We Help?

Our approach is purposefully unique. We believe patients and caregivers should speak to a licensed nurse with hospice field expertise anytime – day or night. As an extension of your team, your patients receive the highest quality of care around the clock.

After-hours care shouldn’t be an afterthought. With IntellaTriage, callers aren’t shuffled through phone menus or put on hold. Your patients will be connected with a registered nurse specifically trained in your hospice and home care protocols – typically in under one minute. Our tailored approach meshes seamlessly with your systems, meaning that your customers will receive quality care any time of day or night.

After-hours calls contribute to nurse burnout more than almost any other stressor. We’ve found that when nurses are able to focus on each patient in the home – without being interrupted by constant incoming calls – they report a higher rate of job satisfaction. For this reason, IntellaTriage’s team of registered nurses will handle all but the highest acuity calls; we are your first line of defense against administrative or low acuity calls, day or night.

Working with IntellaTriage can save you money on a short- and long-term basis. You will no longer need to hire additional staff to manage after-hours nurse triage calls. Additionally, partnering with us can help reduce staff burnout and turnover, decrease training costs, and lower administrative costs.

Referrals are the life of all hospice and home health agencies. Because our average wait time is just 41 seconds, we can ensure that every referral is properly recorded and sent to your intake team as soon as possible. This sets you up for quick patient acquisition and an impressive response time.

Leaders in Post-Acute Triage

Our goal is to provide comprehensive triage services to your hospice and home health patients at any hour of the day. Informed by your protocols, IntellaTriage’s registered nurses act as an extension of your services, ensuring high-quality, individualized care. Contact us today to learn more about our triage services for hospice and home health services.