Welcome to IntellaTriage

Welcome to IntellaTriage

August 23, 2011

Triage for hospice

All About Nurse Triage

Welcome to the IntellaTriage blog. More importantly, welcome to the first of what we expect to be many useful and timely blogs regarding everything Hospice, Home Health, physician, ACO, and hospital . Here at IntellaTriage we are committed to top quality content and timely news sharing so we thought what better way to start our blog than to present some basic information about what we do while providing some basic information about the nurse triage care industry.

Most Americans know very little about nurse triage care. Did you know that medical costs are up 70%?   In turn, Medicare is also looking for ways to reduce reimbursement for healthcare facilities.  As a provider, this should alarm you.   Along with all of the other economic pressures hitting healthcare today, we now have to try and find ways to continue our businesses with less.

Let me offer a few more important facts that might help to create a fuller picture of reimbursement:

  • Medicare cuts over the next 10 years will reduce reimbursement by more than 14%.
  • These cuts will reduce profit margins, going from 4% to an 11% loss.
  • Many healthcare agencies, particularly those that cover rural areas, will likely go out of business
  • According to a Duke University study, triagecare saves Medicare on average $2,300 per patient.

We all know that one of the most wasteful aspects of Medicare-covered health care occurs at the end of life. We have heard many times that well-meaning family members want everything medically possible done. So turning our minds toward quality at every point in the care circle, we not only need to focus on providing the best medical care but also try to step toward reducing our country’s high medical costs.