Mobile Telehealth is Here – But With or Without Triage?

Mobile Telehealth is Here – But With or Without Triage?

June 11, 2018

Mobile telehealth and telemedicine applications

Mobile Telehealth

Have you hesitated looking into mobile telehealth solutions because they didn’t just seem to be the complete answer to your care improvement initiatives?   Join the masses.  Although telehealth is the new buzzword in healthcare so many providers are hesitant to jump on board.

We believe that is because it lacks a human touch.  More specifically, a Nurses touch.  The key to any triage or mobile telehealth initiative is quality care that can be translated into an application.

With IntellaCare, we have cracked the code.  Our IntellaCare mobile telehealth platform is a seamless application that enables your patients to engage with your RNs and Physicians, as well as our nationwide network of nurses, anytime (using your customized protocols), through one of 3 ways to help divert ER visits and unnecessary office visits.

  1. Directly through the app with an integrated symptom management interface using your protocols. The patient can self-manage their care, initiate a call back from a nurse or physician, request a video consult from your staff or ours and also exchange HIPAA Secure text and images.
  2. Using your nurse and physician schedules, patients can schedule a video visit or call back.
  3. Directly call your nurse triage staff or ours if you use our RN Triage service directly from the applications.

All encounters create an integrated SOAP note exchange with your EMR and can be transferred between providers, locations and IntellaTriage nurses.  Finally, for a fully integrated experience our mobile application includes integration with local pharmacies and DME as well as provides a total patient feedback loop with customized surveys, marketing messages and a full library of self help medical tools to guide the patients to better care.

Contact us today to set up a demonstration and learn about our straightforward pricing that any organization can afford.