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Enhancing After-Hours Care Coordination: A Heart Failure Patient’s Journey

After-hours care coordination can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of patients (in this case, heart failure patients) receiving home health care. Learn how the power of data-driven insights and personalized strategies can enhance patient outcomes.

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Understanding Nurse Triage

For hospice and home health organizations, effective management of triage calls impacts entire care teams and the patients in their care. As anyone in healthcare knows, health concerns and patient inquiries aren’t restricted to a 9 to 5 workday. When staff is unavailable, filling the care gaps involves patient calls routed to a call center or a nurse triage center.

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Transforming After-Hours Triage: IntellaTriage’s 15-Year Journey and the Evolution of Care

The past 15 years have seen a remarkable transformation in after-hours triage services and the post-acute industry. IntellaTriage has been a pioneering force in after-hours nurse-first triage services, transforming the landscape of post-acute healthcare.

Home health and hospice at home are vital to improving the patient experience.
The Vital Role of Home Health and Hospice at Home in Improving the Patient Experience

Home health and hospice care are integral components of a patient-centered healthcare system. They emphasize the patient’s comfort, individual needs, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. At IntellaTriage, we celebrate the experience that home health care provides a patient. Learn how we play a part of the home-based care solution.

The Top 15 Benefits of Outsourcing Triage Services in Home Health and Hospice

Outsourcing unlocks the power of dedicated expertise, allowing businesses to tap into an extension of specialized skills and a larger pool of talent and resources to focus on what truly matters to their organization. In the home health and hospice industry, outsourcing services like triage can be a game-changer. Read on to learn more.

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Enhancing Patient Care: The Benefits of Outsourcing Hospice and Home Health After-Hours Triage

Providing continuous patient support, especially during critical moments, is paramount as the hospice and home health industries edge ever closer to more value-based care. One innovative approach to ensuring seamless care is outsourcing after-hours triage services.

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More Than a Phone Call: After-Hours and the Emotional Experience

Providing access to a nurse on the phone during after-hours can significantly reduce anxiety for patients, caregivers, and nurses, and decrease hospitalizations and urgent care visits. Learn how outsourced triage enhances the emotional experience of those involved in after-hours care from every angle.

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Top 6 Things to Consider When Reviewing Your After-hours Triage Strategy

As the nation’s leading provider of after-hours nurse triage for ​​​​hospice and home health organizations, we have insights from hundreds of thousands of call metrics that can help you better understand your after-hours triage strategy. Check against these benchmarks to help you determine whether your after-hours program strategy measures up.

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UNC Case Study: Taking on the Staffing Challenge – and Winning

UNC Continuing Care Services, a prominent North Carolina home health and hospice organization, struggled with maintaining and recruiting nurses until they began to think about their after-hours triage strategy in an entirely new way.

Focused on Nurse Retention? Outsource Your Triage

Nurse retention is essential to maintaining a stable and quality healthcare workforce. While workload, work environment, and professional development opportunities can significantly impact nurse retention, administrators can effectively support nurse work-life balance, reduce burnout, and improve retention by outsourcing triage along with other retention strategies.

Uncover a Nurse Staffing Solution in Triage

The current environment of staffing shortage plus hospice industry growth forces organizations to think outside the box for a nurse staffing solution. External resources such as outsourced triage can help growing hospice organizations retain nurses, repurpose resources, and optimize operations.

Self-Awareness and Self-Care Strategies For Your After-Hours Nursing Staff

Guest writer Erin Whalen of Compassionate Coaching offers self-awareness and self-care strategies for your after-hours nursing staff. People who are arguably doing the most important work – nurses at the bedside of the dying – don’t have a clear separation between their workday ending and their non-work life beginning. This type of workload can lead to burnout, staff retention issues, and a steep decline in team morale.

Is Your Triage Model Impacting Patient Satisfaction?

Practically speaking, the best way to improve your patients’ experience and thus your CAHPS scores is by putting the patient or caregiver in touch with a registered nurse every chance you get.

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After-hours Nurse-First Triage – 2022 Review

At IntellaTriage, 2022 passed quickly in a whirlwind of company growth, professional successes, and nurse-first triage. Above all other indicators of success this year, IntellaTriage has delivered on our promise: to improve the lives of nurses and patients. Our team strives daily to embody our company mission and is proud to know that we do so every day. To share a recent team member’s quote: “It makes me proud to say I work for IntellaTriage and to know I have an impact on the lives of so many patients, families, and nurses.” Join us for a quick recap of all we’ve accomplished in 2022 and the ripple effects of our essential work:

After-hours Action Plans – Reduce Medication Refill Calls

In a recent webinar, Dr. Stacy Cottingham of Coastal Hospice kindly shared a deeper dive into how their plan to reduce medication refill calls after hours produced such impressive results. Learn how using the data provided on the IntellaTriage service dashboard enabled the Coastal team to reduce medication refill calls. And how driving this initiative increased nurse satisfaction, enhanced the timeliness of care, and improved financial performance.

Learn how CommonSpirit Health at Home optimized their after-hours with after-hours action plans that included outsourcing triage to IntellaTriage. 
After-hours Action Plans: Optimize the Workforce

75% of the week occurs after you shut your agency doors, impacting multiple facets of your operations – especially your workforce. Learn how CommonSpirit Health at Home optimized their after-hours with after-hours action plans that included outsourcing triage to IntellaTriage. 

Photo of Daniel Reese, IntellaTriage CEO discussing patient experience at the ELEVATE conference with Bob Holly
Keeping the Patient Experience in Mind

While the staffing crisis continues to grab the spotlight, we must also work to keep patient experience in the light and find a way to address both issues simultaneously. Learn how IntellaTriage nurse-based triage can improve the patient experience and reduce nurse burnout.

Why Nurse-Based Triage is So Successful

For most hospice and home health agencies, outsourcing a nurse-based triage service is more cost-effective and efficient than handling after-hours calls in-house. At IntellaTriage, we realize that hospice and home health providers won’t trust your nurse-based triage care to just anyone. So here is a sneak peek into what our triage nurses do, who they are, and why they are so successful in this space. 

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Six Scheduling Satisfiers: Creative after-hours scheduling for happy, engaged, and rested nurses

We spent time with Ashley Calloway, IntellaTriage Director of Clinical Operations, exploring creative ways to fill after-hours scheduling without compromising care or nurse sanity. We know hospice and home health agencies struggle to fill those on-call shifts while keeping their nursing staff happy, engaged, and rested enough to best care for patients.

Is Nurse Burnout Concern Still a Factor? Title overlay on image of tablet with online survey
Is Nurse Burnout Concern Still a Factor? The Short Answer Is Yes

Several years into the pandemic and the ongoing staffing crisis, nurse burnout concerns still plague hospice and home health agencies. Their nursing staff continue to feel the pinch of heavy workloads and understaffing. Hospice and home health agencies must find a way to support fewer nurses with fewer resources. To help reduce burnout, agencies can outsource after-hours calls.

What Exactly IS Nurse-First Triage title image
What Exactly IS Nurse-First After-Hours Triage?

When it comes down to it, the main decider in how you choose between nurse-based triage and other after-hours models lies in the patient experience. A nurse-first after-hours triage provider connects your patients with a live caregiver at every encounter.

Medication Refills, Data Analytics, And Action Plans: Coastal Hospice Case Story 

Over five months, utilizing the improved protocols, education, ongoing tracking, and monthly meetings with IntellaTriage, Coastal Hospice realized over 40% reduction of after-hours medication call volume.

Internal After-Hours Triage: Best Practices

Regardless of how your agency operates your internal after-hours triage, appropriately managing these calls requires skills that differ from bedside nursing. Consider these best practices if your agency manages your after-hours call internally. 

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Your After-Hours Care Model – A Program Strength or an After-Thought?

Understanding the different options for after-hours care models and choosing the model that best fits your agency’s goals can significantly impact overall patient satisfaction, nurse burnout, and your bottom line.

Panel Discussion: How To Staff After-Hours

“We started looking at a triage outsourcing company and then talked to our staff nurses: “What would you think if we did this?” There was a resounding: Oh wow, you mean I can sleep at night?!”